Once upon a time metalworkers in Japan discovered that Tanuki testicles were a good animal skin to use to stretch out gold by wrapping it in them and pounding it out.

Because of this, Tanuki testicles got a reputation of making money “stretch farther”.  People started selling them as wallets.  

Artists heard about this, and proceeded to make the most ridiculous “Tanukis using their ballsacks to do things that ballsacks are not meant to be used for” artwork they could.

One particular artist, Utagawa Kuniyoshi was responsible for many of these.

The result?


Ballsack blankies and scarves!


Take THAT, birds!


Someone lost a bet.


Call life alert


Do you even lift bro? I use my balls to take out giant catfish.

imageNo one will know this is totally legit.  


Wanna buy some drugs?

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jonathan- nicest jojo

joseph- funniest jojo

johnny- most moe jojo

jolyne- most badass jojo

josuke- most beautiful jojo

giorno- jojo most like greek nonfat yogurt: pleasant but bland

jotaro- most likely jojo to finish the entire thing of oreos and then put the empty container back on the shelf for someone else to find and be disappointed like the little asshole he is

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the only thing 4kids did right with the one piece anime

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i feel so bad and then the end


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